The quarries of the Piasentina stone

The extraction of the Piasentina stone takes place in the Julian Pre-Alps within the so-called “Artisan District of the Piasentina stone”, a foothill area situated in the north-eastern area of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in the province of Udine. Our quarries, authorised by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and owned by the company, are located within ten kilometres of the headquarters and are currently three (3): Prehot, Noglaret and Clastra.

The blocks are extracted mainly by means of large excavators and according to their shape, size, grain and desired quality. Then, the expert quarry operators select and separate the blocks and send them to the laboratory for further processing and finishing.

The blocks are cut with diamond wire (a steel cable interspersed with diamond beads) or through the chain saw (a toothed chain saw).
The restoration phase of the quarry is an activity that takes place at the same time as the excavation, i.e. the area is restored as a lawn in the typical structure of the ancient cultivations of the Natisone Valleys with care and respect for the environment.